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SiteOne’s Premier Brand of Artificial Grass

SiteOne is your trusted source for all your landscape and hardscape needs, and now for your artificial turf needs. The artificial turf category has experienced a major increase in quality of materials, acceptance from customers and overall demand for the products and installations. Allow SiteOne to be your one stop shop for your artificial turf projects.

Delivering excellence with PFAS-Free Synthetic Turf

ProSynTurf artificial grass goes a long way towards better environmental sustainability which makes it truly green. We provide products that have an extended lifespan, conserve water, and reduce your carbon footprint. Our turf is tested and certified to be 100% Lead-Free and environmentally-friendly.

ProSynTurf: Championing PFAS-Free Synthetic Turf for Healthier Environments

At ProSynTurf, our commitment to creating safer, healthier outdoor spaces is unwavering. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, we take pride in offering a range of PFAS-free synthetic turf products. Understanding the potential health risks associated with Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) - chemicals known for their persistence and potential to harm both the environment and human health - we have meticulously engineered our turf to be free from these substances. Our customers can delight in the lush greenery of our synthetic lawns, knowing they are free from the dangers of PFAS, ensuring a safer play area for children, a non-toxic environment for pets, and a cleaner, greener space for everyone.

Sustainability and Safety at the Forefront with ProSynTurf

Emphasizing both ecological responsibility and customer well-being, ProSynTurf's PFAS-free artificial turf stands as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and safety. By eliminating these harmful chemicals, our products not only contribute to a healthier environment but also align with global efforts towards more sustainable living practices. The longevity and resilience of our PFAS-free turf underscore our commitment to quality, offering a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional landscaping. ProSynTurf's focus on safety, coupled with our promise of high-performance, eco-friendly turf solutions, makes us a preferred choice for those

Water-Efficient Landscape

ProSynTurf offers a wide selection of superior quality artificial grass allowing landscape contractors, government agencies, and homeowners to save water and reduce utility bills.

Top Materials

We're focused on dynamic science that generates top quality artificial grass for commercial and residential applications.

Looks & Feels Real

Combining the best characteristics of natural grass ProSynTurf mimics the natural form of real grass to offer super-realistic look and feel.

Stable in All Climates

No matter where you live, ProSynTurf will last through all weather seasons, looking fresh and healthy all year round.

Environmentally friendly

Saves more than 1,000,000 gallons of water a year!

ProSynTurf is dedicated to being 100% environmentally friendly. Our synthetic turf products eliminate the need for water. It also omits the need for chemicals that seep into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc.) We recommend installing artificial grass with eco-friendly, organic infill material.

100% Lead-Free & Safe

Passes all UV, lead, and safety tests!

Safety is always our number one priority at ProSynTurf. All of our products have undergone years of extensive research and development. Most importantly, all ProSynTurf products are 100% lead and latex free!

15-Year Manufacturer Warranty

ProSynTurf offers the ProSynTurf in the world. All our Synthetic Grass products are GUARANTEED TO LAST! We stand behind our products and offer the best 15 year warranty in the industry!

Artificial = Sustainable

With the widest selection of artificial turf products available, ProSynTurf is the one-stop shop for artificial grass. Our large selection of artificial grass ensures that we have something that suits any landscape project!

Save Water - Save Planet

Nationwide, nearly 9 BILLION gallons of water is being used a day for lawn maintenance. With ProSynTurf artificial grass we aim to lower that number.

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